Afghans take turns trying to free a goat


Afghanistan – A soldier captured a heartwarming incident on his Thermal Weapon Sight recently while assigned to an Observation Post in Afghanistan. He captured three Afghan men in what appeared to be a grueling and enduring effort to free a goat who was immobilized. “I was kind of zoning out, not really paying too much attention, when I scanned to the edge of my sector and saw these guys working really hard on this goat,” claimed SGT Dennis. “They each took a turn working really hard to free this goat. They would push over and over until they’d tire out, then they’d let the next guy try. They finally got it free after about 30 minutes, so you can imagine how badly stuck the animal was. I guess it just made me happy to see something positive happen in this dumpster of a country.” We couldn’t have said it better. This was truly a touching story. We’ll continue to report on the positive stuff wherever we find it.

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