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Fort Rucker – After a staggeringly poor reception to the new “ten year active duty service obligation” recently implemented by the Army’s Aviation Branch, senior leadership has implemented steps to reverse a trend within aviation of poor morale and retention that causes experienced aviators to leave the service in mass.

“After discussing the way forward with my team, I’ve decided to enlist the help of Budgie the Little Helicopter” said MG David Francis, head of the Army Aviation Center of Excellence and Fort Rucker, Alabama. “That little helicopter and his friends get into so many tight spots with all of their shenanigans, but their team work and fierce determination always have them pulling through in the end.” ****

We asked the general if he could clarify what he means by “enlist,” seeing as Budgie the Little Helicopter is only a cartoon and isn’t real, but he seemed undeterred by this fact and re-emphasized his need to restructure aviation from the bottom up while using buzz words and phrases like “cohesive team building” and “mission centric focus.”

We were left puzzled by the entire interview, yet we did leave with a sense of assurance that Army Aviation could only go up from here, as there’s no room left to go down.

(**** not a real quote)


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