Army Doesn’t Understand Why They Need to Practice Integrity if it’s Already a Core Value


Hanover, NH – A new study released from Dartmouth College has revealed an organization that claims to value integrity above all else when conducting themselves publicly but doesn’t hold it in any regard when conducting themselves in private. “The results we came to are interesting,” claimed Dr. Jay Stinover. “When we studied the data sets over a fifty year period, we concluded there was a great deal of discussion that came from every corner of the Army regarding the importance of integrity and how a leader must be trusted at all costs if they were going to lead troops in combat, along with being trusted with the priorities of our national defense. While saying it, they were conducting themselves very differently behind closed doors. When given tasks from higher commands, officers would verbally acknowledge the receipt of orders and back brief their commander it was accomplished, all while ignoring the order and doing what they wanted to do instead. We almost couldn’t find any examples to the contrary.”

An officer pretending to know what he’s talking about

While the study is startling on its face, a current member of this organization was less than surprised. “You didn’t have to spend millions of dollars and years to come to that conclusion,” said MAJ Doug Williams. “I’ve been watching leadership in my organization say one thing and do another for fourteen years. This is why I didn’t get promoted, and they’re kicking me out. The Army doesn’t have room for people who tell the truth. They want affirmative head nods, yes-sirs, and green status across all updates. A higher commander will give a lower commander an impossible checklist of things he must accomplish. There simply isn’t enough time in the year to get it all done. So the lower commander must pick and choose what he thinks is most important and lie about the rest by giving a thumbs up and marking all of his update slides with green boxes to signify task complete. No one is interested in integrity. It just looks good on recruitment posters.” We reached out to Army Leadership for a response, but they claimed they were too busy handling their response to the Covid Pandemic and were working too hard to keep the force healthy while taking preventative measures to simultaneously keep the force combat ready. We can’t imagine why they’d lie about that, so we’re trusting that is true. We’ll continue to follow and report as updates come in.

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