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Pentagon – The Army has changed AR 623-3 to properly reflect officer’s and NCO’s online social media presence and how “daring” and “bold” their vocabulary and messaging is. The emphasis on how strongly worded a tweet or post is follows on the heels of Army Leadership writing strongly worded posts following crisis events.

“We realized it was less about the follow through and action these individuals took to provide change and more about their ability to send a strongly worded message on social media and rack up likes and views” stated LTC Jason Blager, an Army spokesperson at the Pentagon. “Did these leaders help contribute to these crisis events over the years? It’s hard to say, but their strong tone in words alone is enough to send the message that NOW we’re not going to tolerate something. As long as jobs are on the line, the appearance of decisive action is critical.”

LTC Wiley went on to say, “Take for instance the recent twitter message from SMA Grinston who stated, ‘one issue was that Leaders DIDN’T see a problem because it didn’t affect them…ignorance is unacceptable.'(1)

Sure, when he was shown black mold growing throughout the barracks on his recent visit to Fort Hood, he told the soldiers to retile it themselves,(2) but it’s the strong online message he delivered about others being ignorant that really shows his character and devotion to delivering a solid leadership presence online.”

The Army and Pentagon are taking strides towards modernizing their values with how action and results are defined to coincide with the current state of the force. We’ve been told it’s easier than actually committing to change. We’re sure a lot of senior leadership will be congratulating each other on social media very soon for a job well done.

(1) Actual Twitter message (2) Actual interaction and paraphrased statement that took place at Fort Hood


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