I Refuse To Obey Those Orders

I recently asked my Instagram followers what topics they’d be interested in getting my opinion on. A lot of good ideas came in, and I’ve … Read more

Combat Arms and a Woman’s Place in the Kitchen

Since I joined the army approximately twenty years ago (I won’t be getting any more specific for obvious reasons), I have seen vast cultural shifts in not only America, but the military as well.

Where did our heroes go? Who leads us now?

Where are we at right now? Have I hit that old man status where the grumblings of my once upon a time platoon sergeant are now my own? Technically, yes. I like to think I’m a little less conditioned by the kool-aid than he was, yet here I am two decades later grumbling in my own right.

Why We Should Reject Mob Rule, but Remove Confederate Names From Bases

It seems like we move from controversy to controversy in this country without clear direction or emphasis on staying put so that we can have a full conversation. What was the issue yesterday? I’ve almost forgotten. Today’s issue seems so much more engaging, and I’m sure the argument we’ll have tomorrow will be even more volatile.

The Clownish Rise of Vigilantism

Minneapolis says they’re going to abolish their police force; ok. Whereas I don’t believe in the slightest it will actually happen, let’s explore this new world without police.