The leadership within Army Aviation is completely disconnected from the force

I’m not sure when and where the leadership of aviation became so disconnected with the force. Senior aviators remember the leadership of General Cody, whereas current leadership is accustomed to the antics of tyrants like COL Baugh. It makes me think we bring the good leadership forward during a crisis, but when the embers of war fade, we let anyone with a pulse take charge, because who cares.

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Social Icons, Ajax Search, Forms and Show Posts are all added using a handful of well reviewed plugins.

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Creating compelling Woocommerce Sites just got even easier with GeneratePress Premium 1.8.

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The Single Post

Categorising post to create guides, how to’s and featured content is a great way to boost your shops presence. The single post header and single post has been designed to do just that. With custom hero title, excerpt and post navigation. 100% dynamic all you need to is add content.

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The Home Page Content

The home page content is built using the WordPress 5 Block editor a.k.a Gutenberg. It uses only Core Blocks and Woocmmerce Shortcodes. And as would be expected a little CSS has been thrown in.

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Custom Theme Styling (CSS)

90% of Merchs design is achieved with the GeneratePress customizer and built in modules. The other 10% is through custom functions and CSS.

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