Chemical Officer Says “It’s Classified”


  Iraq – A Chemical Officer assigned to JOC-Iraq has successfully spent an entire nine month deployment doing all of her work within a local Green Beans coffee shop. When asked how she was able to work without leaving the high visibility area, she stated, “it’s classified.” We were unsure of what she meant seeing as Green Beans has a high volume of personnel that go in and out, many of them without clearances.

When we asked if she was actually completing her work within the coffee shop, she replied, “it’s classified” then added, “need to know only.” When we approached her boss within the operations center to confirm whether she was completing assigned work, he responded by saying, “what work? I don’t assign her work. She seems to have so much work to do at all times that she’s said she can’t possibly take on more tasks.” When we reached out to 20th CBRNE to ask for a public statement regarding the function of Chemical Branch and what tasks Chemical Officers conduct, we noted a long pause followed by, “it’s classified.” We are left to assume the role of a Chemical Officer is highly sensitive since we can’t find anything in writing and no one will go on record and give us an answer as to what they do every day. We’ll continue to investigate until we find an answer.


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