Fort Campbell PAO offered job at CNN for impeccable integrity in reporting


Fort Campbell – Fort Campbell’s own LTC Charles Barrett was recently offered a job in news journalism by CNN. We reached out to CNN to get a statement, and they said, “we just felt like his morals and ideals aligned with ours, and we simply had to reach out. We’re constantly looking for the best and brightest, but integrity and truth in reporting is obviously our top priority. When we read Mr. Barrett’s recent articles and reporting on the army unit to which he’s assigned, we just knew that he would be a great fit at our organization.” With CNN having been called out so frequently in the past couple of years for “fake news” by many on both the left and right, it would be a logical assumption to think they were trying to shake things up and replace personnel who have a shoddy track record of getting the facts straight, but we were surprised to learn that no one will be leaving. This is just an extra addition to the team. When we asked Fort Campbell for a statement, they responded by saying, “while we’ll miss LTC Barrett when he departs our organization, we have plenty of folks ready to move into his seat and continue reporting the facts of what we’re doing on our installation. They’re eager for promotion, and we’re certain they’ll write the details in the stories they print exactly the way we like.” We wish LTC Barrett the best on his up and coming new career.

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