Cop, whose ancestors owned slaves, praised by group whose platform rests on condemning cops and people whose ancestors owned slaves


Oakland, CA – Kamala Harris, the former District Attorney for San Francisco and the descendant of a famous slave owner in Jamaica named Hamilton Brown, was given a raving endorsement by a group whose entire platform resides on condemning those who have ancestors that owned slaves, as well as the demand for cops to be defunded across the United States. “Senator Harris is a shining example of everything we stand for” stated Black Lives Matter spokesperson, Sherry Grey. “Any time we can find someone who’s willing to flip-flop on everything they’ve ever said in public and ally themselves with the things we’re fighting for, we’ll completely overlook anything from their past that doesn’t line up with our platform.” Even though Kamala Harris was the highest law enforcement in San Francisco and came from a wealthy slave owning family, and BLM have spent the last several months pulling down statues supposedly associated with slave owners, defacing public property in protest, committing violent crime, attacking, killing and calling for the defunding of police, it appears the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” is very much alive and well in politics and in violent grassroots movements who masquerade as social justice champions.

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