DOD hires expert to help Fort Hood with investigations


Fort Hood, TX – The Pentagon, in coordination with the Department of the Army, has hired an expert to head to Fort Hood and direct the leadership on personnel management in the wake of an embarrassingly high number of Soldier’s bodies found around the immediate area of the post.

Dexter Morgan is a Forensic Technician specializing in bloodstain pattern analysis, so it seemed an odd pick to lead the discussion for personnel management. We asked the Pentagon why they would hire a Forensic Technician for this particular job, and a spokesperson stated, “Dexter is at the forefront of missing persons, and he’s very thorough when it comes to making sure the discovery of these bodies comes to an end. It’s given us a serious black eye, and we just need to make sure we put this whole chapter behind us and that we get leadership on board with how we’re going to move forward with all of this.”

While we’re still unsure what that statement specifically refers to, we’ll continue to update as Dexter provides his expertise to the team at Fort Hood.

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