DOD Tells Force to Continue Leading the Way With Social Distancing


Pentagon – DOD Leadership were all smiles today as they patted each other on the backs while handing out awards for their handling of Covid 19 and the measures they’ve put in place to prevent the spread of the virus amongst the force. “We came together during a difficult time, spearheaded the smart implementation of effective, life saving mitigations, and our military is stronger because of it,” said LTC Darrel Steegs, a spokesperson for the DOD. “Everywhere you look, our troops are staying spread out, maintaining a good 6 foot distance, and applying the kind of discipline necessary to prevent this sickness from spreading.” Meanwhile, sailors quarantined together tightly on ships, and soldiers and marines tightly crammed into congested living areas along with buses and airplanes that shuttle them across state lines/international destinations, had no comment as they coughed into their masks. As always, the DOD is at the forefront of social order and change, at least according to the award citation we read.

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