DOD will add “follow the clues” and “actually look for them” to its investigations process for service members who go missing

Fort Leonard Wood – Following an embarrassing summer of military service members going missing and being declared AWOL in many instances, then finding their bodies many months later to find out they had been murdered and buried, the Department of Defense has officially changed their investigation procedures for how it handles service members who disappear.

“You know, I was watching Blues Clues with my kid, and it dawned on me; we should be following the clues, and that will lead us to solving these missing persons cases” declared COL Tommy Forth, the director for Military Police Investigations taught at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. “It was so simple, yet so profound, as I watched that man follow that little blue dog all over the place with his Inspector Gadget seeing eye glass thing and solve the mystery. In fact, I might just reach out to PBS and see if they’d be willing to lend us that blue dog so we could maybe collaborate and strengthen our investigation process.”

The school intends to update the official Military Police Investigation Manual to include sections that will direct the investigator to “follow the clues” and “actually look for the missing person instead of just talking about it.” Those we spoke to sounded confident that including these steps would help all military investigations, not just those involving missing persons, and would ultimately lead them to a new era of “finding stuff.”

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