Fort Hood hires new SHARP rep to overhaul victim advocacy program

Fort Hood – The Fort Hood Sexual Harassment Assault Response Prevention (SHARP) Program has brought in a highly experienced senior NCO to overhaul the program on post. A number of high profile SHARP related incidents have cast a black eye on Fort Hood over the last several years, with the most high profile of them being being a SFC in 2015 who was running a prostitution ring and would arrange “sex parties” for senior military officers on the installation.

“MSG Bill Owens will be a tremendous asset for the Fort Hood community,” stated LTC Jay Nelson, III Corps spokesperson. “The amount of experience he has working with victims is exactly what our installation needs. With Fort Hood leading the entire Army in sexual assaults, we know he’s going to quickly get to work and fit in with the team here.”

MSG Owens is a highly trusted figure in the community, with many calling him a “father figure” over the years. He is exactly what Fort Hood needs right now, and we’re told senior military officers on post are eager to see him go to work.

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