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    If you want to leave your story, please feel free.

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    I feel like there are too many stories. Starting from why you wearing makeup to why aren’t you wearing makeup. I didnt know I was defined by mascara. Also didn’t think one would treat me any different because of it. Ive had instances where a cdr stalked me. Left me presents at my house late at night. Which made me unsure of my ratings…. had an ex wife stalk and show up at my house because she assumed I was sleeping with her husband. She was also an officer…. what happened to lifting eachother up. Had men assume I was gay and thats why I wasn’t interested. Been to masculine, to soft, to small, too big, too weak, too ugly, too beautiful… make up your freaking mind and let me know… im waiting

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    You don’t like how many I’ve posted, or you’re just saying there shouldn’t have been all of these incidents in the first place?

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