Freedom loving veteran calls others communists if they don’t agree with his viewpoint


Dallas, TX – John McCallister, a veteran of the armed forces who served for four years and deployed to Afghanistan in 2016, spends his days letting people on message boards know that he fought for their freedom, but if they don’t agree with his viewpoint, he immediately let’s them know they’re freedom hating communists. We were able to sit down with John for an interview.

“These cucks don’t understand what it means to serve,” he declared. “By signing on that dotted line, I purchased a piece of real estate in the freedom department of America. I’ve earned the right to say and do as I please, but all these pussy liberals have done is whine on the internet from their mom’s basement and made America a less safe place. I mean, I put my life on the line for their right to do so, but these communists shouldn’t have the right to be un-American. All they do is leach off the government and they contribute nothing.”

We had to cut the interview short so John could make it to the VA to file for disability again before they closed. He said it was imperative he starts bringing in money because his parents are getting frustrated. John’s contributions to this nation have, no doubt, earned him the right to shout over others and live a life of ease from here on out.

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