Group that stands for freedom demands you do what they say

Boerne, TX – Black Coffee Company, a veteran owned company which has aligned itself with the veteran community by giving tens of thousands of dollars worth of free coffee to deployed units and first responders here within the United States, is currently under fire from elements within that same community for not fulfilling their conservative veteran mandate as outlined within “The Handbook of Veteran Obligations,” a book given to every servicemember who exits the military.

“Kyle Rittenhouse is a red blooded American, and if you don’t stand behind him after he injected himself where he didn’t belong and ended up killing two people, then you’re un-American,” stated a veteran on social media who frequently calls liberals communists, cucks and snowflakes for being offended by everything. “I don’t care what Black Rifle Coffee has done in support of veterans and first responders. If they don’t back every policy and action that the collective of free thinkers and defenders of liberty tell them to back, then we’ll shut them down.”

Black Rifle Coffee will end up being just fine, because in the end, screaming at your computer screen and angrily banging out hateful messages condemning people on the internet is merely a 30 year old’s version of a three year old’s temper tantrum. We’ll keep you up to date as soon as the man-children direct their attention to some other shiny object and forget all about this incident.

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