Law enforcement confuses Marines for a homeless camp


San Diego – After receiving numerous complaints of lewd behavior, panhandling and what many described as a “overwhelming stench,” local police were dispatched to break up a homeless camp which turned out to be marines conducting field training.

“This actually happens more than is reported on,” stated San Diego police spokesperson Timothy Wright. “Citizens will call us and complain that disheveled looking individuals have been asking for food, or pulling out their genitalia for their friends in full public display, and we’re forced to send officers to check it out. 20 percent of the time it’s just marines who are stationed in the area and doing some kind of field op. We simply remind them that they can’t act like that around normal people, and they’re good about toning it down.”

We were asked to remind our readers to look to see if everyone is dressed the same. The homeless usually wear various combinations of camouflage, but marines will always wear the same pattern. There aren’t any other ways to make a distinction. This will help cut down on false reports in the future, as well as helping give citizens the ability to steer a wide path around the training area and avoid any contact with them.

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