Leadership in the Navy is Better When There is None


Norfolk – Congress recently raised concerns regarding the viability and practicality of unmanned naval vessels and their ability to integrate with manned fleets. When we asked several sailors of various ranks who are stationed on Dam Neck Naval Base in Virginia, they unanimously agreed that leadership could only get better if no one was at the helm at all. “It’s almost embarrassing how much better our fleet would be if the boats drove themselves,” stated a LTJG who asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal. “It’s almost like the Navy has a contest to pick the most awful human beings possible for the highest positions.”

Navy Leadership

A Petty Officer we spoke to said, “I’m honestly amazed we haven’t wrecked more boats with the kind of people who drive them and make policy for the Navy. I’m not sure why Congress has a problem with this idea.” Only time will tell if sailors have job security with the robots taking over, but we’re excited to see the improvement a lack of humans at the helm will have on overall human decency.

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