Man shocked to learn that Army base, where 150 suicides, homicides and disappearances have occurred over the last 5 years, is OK with soldiers living in mold and rodent infested barracks

Killeen, TX – A local man was shocked to learn that soldiers living on Fort Hood are subjected to sub-standard living as they battle black mold, rodents, broken plumbing, broken air conditioning during sweltering hot summer months, along with many other conditions that would warrant an investigation into any civilian landlord who was subjecting their tenants to the same conditions.

“I mean, I heard there was close to 150 suicides, homicides and disappearances related to personnel on Fort Hood over the last 5 years, but mold? Rats? That goes too far,” stated Darryl Worth, a resident of Killeen, Texas, the city immediately outside the Fort Hood gates. “This is Killeen; we’re pretty much used to people getting robbed, murdered, being so depressed that they off themselves, but I just think something should be done about those barracks.”

With a budget of approximately $700 billion, and an estimated $125 billion in administrative waste over the last five years, it does seem rather surprising that service members who risk their life for this nation would have to live in such awful conditions, but we remind our readers, the oath all members of the armed forces take means they’re less than human while they serve and no longer have rights anymore, so these conditions are often par for the course. We’ll continue to update from “The Great Place” as we learn more.

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