Man Who’s Never Achieved Anything of Worth Criticizes First Woman Green Beret


Fayetteville, NC – A man who lives in Fayetteville, NC, just outside of Fort Bragg, gave his opinion regarding news of the first woman who not only completed Special Forces Training, but had earned the right to wear the Special Forces Tab and Green Beret. Mark Dunsky, an unremarkable man in every way, weighed in on the discussion by stating, “it’s physically impossible to be a woman and be in special operations. Everyone knows these guys are elite, the best of the best and are basically superhuman. I know this because I’ve studied them my whole life by reading every Tom Clancy book that exists, every book ever written by a SEAL, which is at least 2,000, and I play special operations video games all the time. Besides, I live right outside the base where these guys have their headquarters, so I hear things all the time; I’m not at liberty to talk about it though. All I’m saying is that women should stick to what they’re good at, and I can assure you it’s not being a elite soldiers.” While interviewing Mark in his parents basement, we noticed he had posters covering every wall depicting soldiers rising out of the water and posing in stereotypical fashion with rifles, which is all too commonly associated with hollywood’s rendition of special operations and rarely mirrors reality in anyway. We were not surprised to learn that Mark has never played any sports or achieved anything of worth in his life, and he often weighs in on the military forums on reddit with his self taught knowledge of tactics and strategy. We’re sure his opinion is not unique, though the trend may very well be rooted in the type of man who has achieved nothing, or has tried and failed and is certain a woman couldn’t do better.

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