Marines attack cabbies 1

Camp Butler, Okinawa – The Mayor of Okinawa had a meeting with officials on Camp Butler yesterday where he voiced his concerns with the outbreak of Covid 19 on the camp and insisted that leadership take steps to fight the outbreak so it doesn’t affect Japanese citizens.

Marine Officials were receptive and stated their willingness to combat the outbreak by all means necessary. The meeting became contentious after the mayor spoke about maintaining relationships which were already tense from incidents in the past, specifically the attacks on local cab drivers by marines stationed at the base. “We will not abandon our heritage” exclaimed Maj. Paul Corelli, spokesman for Camp Butler. “To think our fore-bearers

Marine Sgt who attacked cab driver after abandoning stolen cab

charged up Hill 142 at the Battle of Belleau, just to turn around now and fail them by giving up everything we’ve fought for, our very identity, is unacceptable.” Negotiations are currently under way to create a possible zone where cab drivers would knowingly take beatings from drunk marines, while having their vehicles stolen, in exchange for higher compensation, but we’re unsure of the current status of these discussions. We’ll continue to follow this story and update as more details become known.


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