Fort Hood soldier awol

Fort Hood – U.S. Army Pfc. Edward Patrick Casteel was reported missing from Fort Hood on October 7. Due to numerous high profile cases that have hit the installation in the last six months, Casteel’s unit leadership quickly jumped into action and began a search for him immediately. A week after his disappearance, Casteel was arrested in Louisiana following a high speed chase with local law enforcement.

When we reached out to the PFC’s unit, CPT Sauders stated, “we did everything by the book this time. We didn’t want to shrug it off and report him AWOL like we usually do just for him to turn up in a shallow grave, buried somewhere outside of our gates, in the local crime ridden town of Killeen. That’s been a huge black eye for us lately and we have had to swallow a lot of ‘oopsie daisy’ moments.”

Following an unrelated press conference, we asked senior DOD officials what they thought about the information a soldier from Fort Hood had been found alive after going missing.

A senior official stated, “to be honest, we’re as surprised and shocked as anyone. After all, it is Fort Hood.”

We’re told Fort Hood officials will continue the trend of searching for personnel after they go missing before they give false reports, at least until things die down for a while and people forget what’s taken place here.


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