wheel of humiliation

Fort Benning – After recent events on Fort Benning involving cadre and Initial Entry Trainees, TRADOC has decided to implement a new policy for all personnel assigned to training companies across the Army. Now, whenever a trainee files a complaint with the Inspector General, a Drill Sergeant will be allowed to pick a punishment from the “Wheel of Humiliation” instead of enduring months of anxiety ridden investigations over an offense they likely didn’t commit.

“We listened to our soldiers when they said these witch hunt investigations couldn’t continue anymore, and we decided to implement a policy we think everyone will be satisfied with” said Major Donahue, spokesperson for TRADOC. We came up with some terrific punishments that we think will get the servicemember excited at the prospects of getting the punishment over with quickly or dragging it out over months. Options such as ‘punch yourself in the groin’ are over quickly, but ‘forfeit half of your pay for two months’ will obviously be a more lengthy punishment.”

We reached out to some of the Drill Sergeants on Sand Hill for them to weigh in and give us their opinion. SSG Jackson, an NCO in his second year of Drill Sergeant Duty stated,

“wait, what? Why don’t they just stop giving these lying little bastards power over us and recognize that these investigations are bullshit?”

After five of these interviews, we realized that soldiers were not in favor of the new policy and claimed TRADOC didn’t address the situation at all. We’ll continue to follow this new policy as it begins to roll out across training installations across the nation and gauge soldier’s reactions as it’s slowly implemented.


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