Petition to Close Fort Hood Garners Pentagon Response


Washington D.C. – As anger rises towards Fort Hood over the handling of an investigation involving the disappearance, and now murder, of a soldier assigned to the installation, a petition to close Fort Hood has received almost 500,000 signatures. When we reached out to the Pentagon for a statement regarding the petition, they replied by saying, “we understand people’s frustrations, however, what are we supposed to do with all of the crime that’s contained within that installation? It’s like Chicago and Detroit had a baby then dressed it up in camouflage. Don’t even get us started on the leadership there. That’s our dumping ground for all of the turds who can’t hack it in ILE and the War College. Fort Hood is staying right where it is.” This type of candor is atypical for an official press release. While generally more reserved in their response, the turnover in official spokespersons may signify mounting frustrations within the DOD over several high profile incidents here in the US. We’ll continue to follow and report as information becomes available.

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