PV2 Gregory Wedel Morales Hopeful for Justice


Fort Hood – We were able to meet up with PV2 Gregory Wedel Morales, the soldier who went missing days from his end of service obligation last August and was found buried in a shallow grave outside of post. Morales is still listed as a deserter which is preventing his family from giving him a military burial and receiving the benefits guaranteed in his small group life insurance. When asked about the recent investigation of another soldier who went missing at Fort Hood and whose body was just discovered, Morales stated, “I’m sad that someone else on Fort Hood went missing and was found murdered, but I’m trying to stay positive thinking about how so many people brought awareness to the situation and they were able to identify her killer. Maybe now they’ll realize I didn’t go AWOL days away from being released from the military, kill myself, then bury myself just outside of base. I’m just trying to stay hopeful and not think about all of the other unsolved murders of soldiers at Fort Hood in the last several years.” We asked homicide expert Douglas McEnroe how easy it was to bury yourself after you’re dead, and he stated, “it’s very difficult. In my 26 years of experience investigating homicides, I have yet to discover a single person who was capable of the difficult task of burying themselves after they’ve stopped breathing. I would be very shocked if someone was able to do this.” We’ll continue to follow this story and update if any celebrities bring awareness to this case.

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