Republican and Democrat leaders celebrate duping voters into believing they hate each other


Washington D.C. – Celebrations rang out within the House and Senate Chambers, once the cameras were put away, as both Democrats and Republicans came together to celebrate their success after having pulled the wool over the eyes of the American voter once again.

Senator Mitch McConnell, and House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, laughed raucously as they could be overheard talking about how easy it had become to divide America and stay in power by tearing each other down in public and making promises to their constituents they’d never keep.

A prominent senator from Texas was overheard making a joke about “hanging the fight against abortion” in front of Conservative Republican’s noses like a carrot on a stick. “We’ve pretended to fight unborn baby’s rights for decades” he was overheard saying, “and we can keep it up for decades longer to hold onto power. That planned parenthood fiasco almost did us in a few years ago, but we were able to bury that in the mud after a few months of acting like we were mad.”

It was certainly a night for celebration, and the two party system has never looked stronger.

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