SFAB to deploy to Pineland; will replace Robin Sage


Fort Bragg – Security Force Assistance Brigades, or “SFAB” for short, are the golden child of General Milley, the current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and they’re about to take on a new mission. SFABs have been tasked with deploying to “Pineland,” the fictional country created by Army Special Forces and teaching the Special Forces Students assigned there. Due to their many years of advanced experience dating back to 2017, the Security Forces will replace Robin Sage, a culminating exercise hastily slapped together on the nominal experience of a few folks dating back to 1952. Robin Sage is traditionally a four week course which places 100 students, 100 counter-insurgent personnel (OPFOR), 200 guerrilla personnel, 40 auxiliary personnel, and 50 cadre within an area comprised of 15 rural counties in North Carolina. The students are tasked with employing all of the skills they’ve learned up until that point to train, advise and assist the “guerrillas” within the country. Now, SFABs will rotate in and give a 40 hour block of instruction on Power Point to the students. They will be given a multiple answer test at the end of the instruction and must score at least 60% in order to move on to graduation. MG John Brennan, commander of 1st Special Forces Command, said he was “very excited” and welcoming of the experience SFABs would bring to his formations. “You know, when you see all of the great things they’ve done over the years, such as uncasing and casing their colors, sweeping their motorpools, taking buildings and barracks from other units at established locations across our bases, and getting that really cool beret, it’s hard not to be excited to have them reside over the final phase of our training; training that will form the tip of this nation’s spear.” The first element will deploy this fall, and we’ll be standing by to report on all of their success.

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