Soldier finally ends Veteran Suicides by posting enough push-up videos


Mom’s Basement – Timothy Griggs, a former SGT with 1st Armored Division, finally did the impossible by bringing an end to the scourge of Veteran Suicides. “When I heard that so many Veterans were killing themselves every day, I knew I had to take real action, and that’s when I heard about the 22 push-ups a day initiative” declared Timothy. “I’ve been posting a video every day for four years, and finally, after all this time, the VA has declared that everyone in the world has been made aware, which has officially ended Veterans taking their lives.” Timothy went on to declare that he’s not a hero or anything, and anyone would have done it. This reporter is simply in awe, and he knows he stood in the presence of greatness today. Well done, Timothy, well done.

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