Ten years of Command Climate surveys deleted at Fort Hood


Fort Hood – The Secretary of the Army ordered an independent review into the command climate at Fort Hood today following the investigation into the disappearance and murder of Vanessa Guillen. When we reached out to Fort Hood for a response, MAJ Anthony, a spokesperson for Fort Hood and III Corpsstated, “when we found out the Secretary of the Army had ordered a review into the climate of our commands on Fort Hood, we proactively began to gather all of the resources we’ve acquired over the last ten years.

Units are required to conduct command climate surveys where soldiers will submit their gripes and frustrations, along with their praise, anonymously. We have a few naysayers here and there like any organization but far and few between. Most of the submissions have been overwhelmingly positive. People seem to be really happy here. Wouldn’t you know it though, we deleted ten years of command climate surveys this afternoon on accident. They make that darn delete button too close to the enter button.”

We reached out to the G6 to clarify how a mistake of this caliber could be made, but they told us they were too busy shredding and wiping hard drives to give a statement. We’ll continue to follow up as more details become known.


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