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Washington D.C. – The Trump Administration has finally settled on a new deal involving Iran and their pursuit of Nuclear Weapons. After scrapping the deal hammered out by

the Obama Administration a little over two years ago, new terms were finally settled on by the only

two parties who actually matter, Israel and the United States. White House Spokewoman, Kayleigh McEnany stated, “we’ve agreed upon a deal involving Iran and their pursuit of Nuclear Weapons. In a nutshell, when they build a site dedicated to the pursuit of Nuclear Weapons or weapons grade material, we’re just going to sneak in and wreck it with explosives.

IMG 5059
Destroyed Iranian Nuclear Site

We’re not going to announce anything. Israel has been doing it for years, so of course they jumped right on board with our proposal and signed an accord with us immediately. Iran is so embarrassed by our ability to do it right under their noses that they’ll continue to deny anything is happening. This is even easier than dropping a missile on their generals, because they don’t even point the finger at us. We think this will work out very well for our long term goals with Iran.” After being completely dismissive of Iran and calling them out as a joke on the international stage, Israel simply shrugged while laughing and left the podium. We’ll continue to follow the public neutering of the Iranian Regime and report as new updates are made known.


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