Venezuela threatens US with economic sanctions due to corrupt election


Caracas, Venezuela – Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, released a statement today saying his administration “will not stand idly by as the integrity of democracy is threatened by corrupt elections within the US.”

The recent election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump has been mired with accusations of corruption and fraud due to numerous videos of poll workers filling in ballots, the names of deceased individuals being cast on ballots, postal workers who claim thousands of mail in ballots were back dated to the 3rd of November, and a lack of transparency in some locations while counting the results.

Venezuela endured their own controversy during the presidential elections in 2018 while the Trump Administration declared the elections a farce and said that Maduro stole the election, though Maduro insisted there was no corruption and he won the vote of the citizenry legitimately.

“The world wants to see justice served to the citizens of the United States” declared Maduro. “All options are on the table going forward, and we are committed to joining with the rest of the world in condemning these corrupt elections and ensuring the rightful electorate is nominated to the presidency.”

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